Latest Equipment

NFX 380A 5-Axis CNC mill

We have recently procured a new machine, the NFX 380A 5-Axis CNC mill, increasing our capacity and efficiency in producing high-quality, competitive parts to a higher standard than ever. 


This is the third CNC machine we have purchased this year, and we hope to expand our workshop even more in the years to come.

NFX 380A 5-Axis CNC mill.jpeg
QA Metal Analyser

Fulcrum Manufacturing Ltd's Quality Assurance department now offer our own metal certification to customers, with our latest Nitron XL2 980 GOLDD GOLD-D Alloy Analyser.


This latest investment gives our Quality Assurance the added confidence that our metal suppliers are supplying all the correct specification materials.

Metal Checking Service

We also offer a Metal Checking Service to companies who are unsure about a metal's quality and specification or require metal certification, for parts not manufactured by Fulcrum.

Leeb Surface Hardness Tester

We've invested in our own Hardness Tester to allow us to speed up the service we provide, which was previously carried out by a sub-contractor.


We can now offer our own CofC Certifications.

Laser Cutting Machine

British Built Laser Cutting Machine TMX65-A (60W air cooled) allows us to cut our own Caskets and seals at breakneck speeds.

Laser Engraving Machine

British Built Laser Engraving Machine helps our Final Inspection process by marking out the appropriate number onto each part